December, 2023

Despite preconceived ideas of boarding schools being overly authoritarian, for many families they are increasingly becoming the preferred choice as they place great value on a well-rounded education that nurtures comprehensive development.

At Shore, 60% of our Boarding enrolments are from regional locations, with parents in these areas citing higher education outcomes, greater independence and self-reliance and increased preparedness for post-school environments as the top reasons for opting to send their children to boarding schools.

Mr Roland, Director of Boarding at Shore, says that widely held notions of boarding schools stand in contrast to modern boarding education today.

"It struck me recently how outdated the public's perception of boarding schools can be. I had a conversation where someone mentioned the old threat, ‘If you don't behave yourself, I'll send you off to boarding school.’ And it hit home that the perception still lingers, but it couldn't be further from the truth,” Mr Roland said.

“As boarding educators, we must actively work to dispel the myth and negative narrative surrounding boarding school, as the promise and positivity it holds are large.”

Mr Roland is passionate about boarding education and the wealth of opportunities and benefits Shore Boarding extends to its students.

“The boarding school of today is a far cry from its historical reputation. It's an environment filled with kindness, support, and a myriad of activities aimed at comprehensive development, both inside and outside the classroom. Essentially, it's their normal routine students would have at home, but enriched with a sense of community and camaraderie,” he said.

With the growing demands facing students, particularly in their final years of high school, many parents have found that the structured environment of boarding school is one of its strongest assets, especially for students in the crucial last four years of high school.

"Weekly Boarding offers a balanced lifestyle, allowing students to stay at the School from Monday to Friday and spend weekends at home. This balance is becoming increasingly appealing to parents, particularly those who find it challenging to assist their children academically as the curriculum becomes more complex," Mr Roland said.

For those who stay on for the weekend, their days are filled with Sport, and recreational activities like go-karting ,the beach or a round of golf and are always jam-packed and lots of fun.

Above all, the wellbeing of students at Shore is paramount. In fostering an enhanced sense of wellbeing among students, Shore ensures students are engaged in communications in varied settings, from classrooms and sports fields to casual outings. Having an overall sense of wellbeing sets up students for success, ensuring their enthusiasm and engagement both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Shore places great emphasis on multi-faceted interactions, allowing for a deeper understanding of each student’s needs and challenges. This close relationship is particularly crucial in a boys’ School setting where students might not always express their concerns openly. By engaging with them across various platforms, we can more easily identify any issues they may be facing and provide appropriate support,” Mr Roland said.

Along with delivering the best in academic excellence and offering extensive and varied extracurricular offerings, Shore Boarding is committed to supporting students to excel in every aspect of their academic and personal development through a world-aware approach.

"I believe there's an increasing need for boarding schools to be more globally aware. I think it's crucial for any boarding school to be reflective of what the world truly is, including the diversity found in Sydney," Mr Roland said.

To learn more about Boarding at Shore, please call the Registrar, Vickii Scott, at 02 9956 1130 or email Alistair Roland at You can register and request a personal tour or take a House .