December, 2023

The Boarding community at Shore is underpinned by strong friendship and fellowship. These aspects of Schooling life were particularly important for sisters Emma Alexander and Kate Kowalski, both full-time aged-care workers in the Southern Highlands, who were looking for a Boarding solution for their sons Ben and Will, that would not only provide an excellent education but ultimately strengthen the familial bond and sense of ‘brotherhood’ between the cousins. 

For Ben and Will, Boarding at Shore has allowed them to thrive – reaping the benefits of the discipline of Boarding life along with the camaraderie, life-long friendships and experiences on offer as part of their on-campus schooling experience. 

Just like Emma and Kate, who have journeyed through life together – professionally and personally - raising their families side by side, this decision has deepened the cousins' bond while also supporting their mothers as they navigated their demanding careers and long days. Knowing the boys would be safe, participating in co-curricular activities and being well fed and cared for allowed the pair to continue work without worry.

The experience has proved invaluable for the boys. They’ve supported each other both academically and in co-curricular activities, forging a close-knit relationship.

"Living away from home has taught the boys self-reliance, responsibility, and independence. The boarding environment enables them to learn to manage their time and make decisions, which are such valuable life skills as they develop into young men," Ms Kowalski said.

Both boys found an outlet for their energy and ambition through Shore's robust sporting programmes. Shore's Director of Boarding, Alistair Roland, highlights how integral the co-curricular experience is in the character development of boarding students. "Sport and performing arts programmes at Shore are such wonderful avenues for character-building. They serve as venues where students can hone their skills but also develop a deeper sense of belonging. As boarding educators, our responsibility is to help our students find their sense of purpose as they navigate the foreign sense of living away from home," Mr Roland said. 

Since the School’s inception in 1889 the opportunity to Board has been offered at Shore and today includes approximately 200 students from regional rural areas, overseas and Sydneysiders who reside on campus throughout the week. 

To learn more about Boarding at Shore please call the Registrar, Vickii Scott on 02 9956 1130 or email Alistair Roland at You can register and request a personal tour or take a .  Scholarship applications are also open for Year 7, 2025. 

Ben and Will

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