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  • Introduction

    Swimming has always been one of the central pillars of Australian sport, providing opportunities for improved athleticism, development of our physical capacities and an ideal platform for growth and wellbeing. Learning to swim and becoming a strong swimmer is an essential part of the Australian culture providing a foundation of safety for all aquatic activities.

    Shore's Swimming School programme delivers an outstanding facility with dedicated tuition commencing from seven years of age. The Swimming School provides a skills-based programme designed to strengthen and improve swimming in age-appropriate classes and squads. Swimmers can choose between swimming for fitness, health and recreation and will be encouraged to explore their swimming at a level that interests them. A competitive pathway towards excellence will exist for swimmers who aspire to be the best they can be.

    What we do

    • We promote a love of swimming as a life-long pursuit.
    • We promote the enjoyment of swimming and its value for all aquatic activities.
    • We promote and advance the value of water safety and its relationship to becoming a strong swimmer.
    • We teach the fundamentals of great technique that shape all great swimmers.
    • We promote participation and the importance of a consistent approach to swimming lessons and training.
    • We promote swimming club activities to practice racing in a social environment where we build friendships for life

    Our facilities

    • State of the art, eight lane, indoor, 50 metre pool, heated to 27 degrees.
    • Pool can be converted to 16 x 25 metre lanes within minutes.
    • Warm air and heated water ensures year-round comfort.
    • High-quality change rooms with a focus on cleanliness.
    • On deck showers.
    • Seating provision.
    • Onsite parking from 4.30pm onwards during the week.

    Book an assessment

    Before you can enrol in the Shore Swimming School you must book an assessment to determine your correct class or squad level.

    Book an assessment

    Programmes we offer

    Whether you're starting out in our Prep Swim Squad or training with our Senior Squad there are programmes designed for all levels of swimming.

    Find out more about our programmes and what best suits you.

    Swimming Programmes

    Enrol now

    If you have taken the Swimming School assessment and have been assigned a class or squad please enrol now.