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A Way for Parents and Carers to Connect and Contribute

About Us

The Shore Parents’ Association (SPA) provides year-round opportunities for parents, carers and, to actively engage with a broad range of events and initiatives that contribute to School life at Shore.

As a volunteer arm of the School, we aim to foster relationships with fellow parents and carers to enrich the experiences of every Shore student. We encourage parents to be part of our thriving community. In fact, our success as a School is underpinned by the strong connections we forge with our parent community.

Originally formed in 1936 the SPA is an integral component of the Shore experience, providing the opportunity to foster friendships and make a positive contribution to the holistic education of the students.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Building a strong School community is what we are all about, and Shore parents and carers automatically become members of the SPA and are welcome to attend meetings and events throughout the year.

From information evenings to welcome events, being a Year Representative or participating in our annual American Tea event there are many ways to show your ‘hands on’ support for the students and the School!

Aside from being a wonderful way to meet and make new friends, parent volunteers also provide vital School support through a wide range of activities including scribing, Northbridge and North Sydney Saturday canteen service, the sale of second hand uniforms or crested goods and general library assistance.

Parent volunteers can also play a powerful role in modelling the benefits of acts of service through their involvement in key events like our annual American Tea, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls, Tennis and Golf Days, various Year Groups events organised by respective Year Representatives, the CityStart programme for Boarders, or Prayer Group.


A Helping Hand

Here to serve our community the SPA is also on hand to provide support such as meals and school/sports transport in the event a family encounters difficulties due to illness, injury or in times of need.

Meetings and events are publicised on our School parent portal, Lampada, in our School newsletter, the Shore Weekly Record and via email as and when required.

If you would like to be involved, click here for more information and requirements.

Our Executive Group and Governance

The Shore Parents’ Association Executive is made up of the President, Patron, Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Minute Secretary and Treasurer.

The President of the Association is appointed by the Council and The Head Pastoral Care serves as the Patron of the Association and is appointed by the School.

SPA Committee

The SPA also has a Committee, comprised of the representatives of various School activity groups and parent bodies:

  • American Tea Convenor
  • Assistant American Tea Convenor
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Boarders' Representatives
  • Canteen Coordinators
  • Convenors
  • Library Coordinators
  • Northbridge American Tea Convenor
  • Prayer Group Coordinators
  • Year Representative Coordinators

"Parent volunteering is essential to building a strong school community"

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Want to Sign Up to Volunteer? 

We would love to welcome you and we value your support. If you'd like to sign up simply click the link below and scroll to the registration form. Don't forget to submit your WWCC details before you do. 

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Want to Get in Touch?

For more information about the Association, Parents can email