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Founded in 1894 to provide fellowship, camaraderie and support to members during their lives, through reunions, events, networking opportunities and other gatherings.

Services provided by the OBU include organising reunions and events, committee membership, School Council membership, providing support to Old Boys on career and life issues, funding scholarships for current students and supporting the Shore community.
The OBU has a strong Constitution on which we continue to build.


To provide ongoing enrichment, fellowship and support to current students of the School and Members throughout their lives.


To maintain and build on the strong and vibrant Old Boys’ community.

• Provide fellowship for Members;
• Develop a philosophy for the whole-of-life support for Members;
• Support the School's aims and objectives;
• Provide guidance and leadership to Members;
• Communicate and interact with Members and the School community; and
• Carry forward the School's heritage.

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