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Shore has a number of Chaplains who work in the School. In 2004 Shore was the first School in Australia to create the role of ‘Community Chaplain’. The Community Chaplain provides pastoral support for the adult members of the Shore Community including the parents, staff and the Old Boys and their families. The Shore community is quite large, consisting of almost 200 staff, 3,000 parents and many more Old Boys and their families. The creation of this role has had two benefits; firstly, it has allowed the School Chaplain to focus his time on the students in the school. Secondly, it has allowed more opportunities for ministry to the wider school community to be taken up.

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If you would like more information about weddings, baptisms, Marriage counselling, pastoral support, Marriage preparation, funerals, pastoral visits etc please contact the Community Chaplain or the PA to the Chaplains.

Nick Foord (Rev, Dr) - Community Chaplain
ph: 9900 4753
home:  9403-5518 (in case of crisis)
Chaplaincy Office
ph: 9900 4734

Shore's Community Chaplain

Rev Dr Nick Foord


Nick Foord is a Shore Old Boy and is quite at home at Shore. He completed his HSC at Shore in 1980, then completed a Science / Engineering double degree at Sydney University. Following this he worked for several years in the telecommunications industry in Sydney and Melbourne. He left his engineering career to enter the pastoral ministry. As part of the training he completed a degree in Theology/Ministry.

Since completing these studies Nick has worked in various roles (Youth Work, Young Adults, Family Ministry, Senior Minister) at four churches around Sydney. He has also completed a Masters degree and a Doctorate. He is very happy to assist with a range of issues that might arise. In some cases he will be able to suggest other people or professionals who may be able to help in a range of areas.