The facilities at North Sydney allow only a few boys to practice at the School. The great majority, however, travel to Northbridge by special buses which leave at 3.00pm from just outside the North West corner of the School. A bus will return to the School each day, Monday to Thursday, stopping at Falcon Street to allow boys to catch buses home. This bus is known as the Boarders' bus and it leaves promptly at 5.30 pm. Boys must be dressed in full School uniform to travel on this bus. Provision of a bus from Northbridge to Chatswood Station is made during the winter on the understanding that there is sufficient demand for such a bus. It leaves from Alpha Street at 5.30 pm. Buses may also be provided to Hornsby and Seaforth via Mosman.

Parents, of course, frequently collect boys on practice days. They need to be advised that parking in the area of the Northbridge Grounds is very limited at these times and parents should only park in allocated spaces. Practices normally end between 5.00 - 5.30 pm. Parents should arrange a time to pick up their son and use the special zone in Sailor's Bay Road or Alpha Road to pull in and pick him up. Parents must not park in this zone. Only in exceptional cases will practice continue after 5.30 pm and then for senior teams only. Transport for Saturday matches is often difficult e.g. when matches are played against The King's School, Parramatta. If public transport is used, the School's advice is to plan ahead and leave plenty of time for a complicated journey. Many parents combine resources for transport, so easing what can be a weekly task for most of the year.

Rowers travel by bus to Gladesville. The bus brings boarders back in time for dinner and day boys may travel to North Sydney or be collected from the Boat Shed in Wharf Road, Gladesville.

Buses will take boys to the Roof Top courts in Crows Nest for Basketball and to Tennis World in Ryde for Tennis.