Theatresports is an improvised form of theatre in which students make up scenes and characters on the spot. It is great for developing quick thinking as well as encouraging students to accept the ideas and offers of others. Senior and Intermediate Theatresports runs in Semester One while the Junior Competition for Years 7 and 8 takes place in Semester Two. Theatresports is open to all boys.

Theatre Group

Theatre Group is a co-curricular activity for Year 11 and 12 students. Throughout the year students attend a selection of professional theatre productions from Belvoir St Theatre, the Bell Shakespeare Company and the Sydney Theatre Company. Theatre Group aims to give students a more authentic experience of theatre; enhancing their engagement with the performing arts as well as issues in contemporary society.

Year 7 Drama Club

Drama Club is a co-curricular activity available to Year 7 students. The focus of Drama Club is on active participation and fun while at the same time developing creativity, imagination, confidence and collaborative skills. Drama Club runs throughout Semester One and culminates in a public performance evening for parents and friends.

Major Drama Productions: Year 8 Play, Middle School Play, Senior Play

At Shore, students from Year 8 to Year 11 have the opportunity to be involved in full-scale dramatic productions. These provide the opportunity for boys to engage with the entire theatrical experience; from auditions to rehearsals, culminating in public performance. The Drama Studio at Shore allows boys to work in a state-of-the-art theatrical space, engaging with the processes of lighting, costume and set design as well as understanding the roles of director and stage management.
There are 3 major productions each year: the Year 8 Play, The Middle School Play (Year 9 and 10) and the Senior Play (Year 11). All students are welcome to audition.

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