Cadet Ceremonial Parade

Celebrating its 115th anniversary in 2023, the Shore Cadet Unit (est. 1908) comprises of over 730 students and staff from both Shore and Wenona. The Unit is a crucible of tradition and heritage for our Schools, providing unique opportunities for our students to broaden their education beyond the classroom in a co-educational environment. Service within the Unit supports our students in the development of their distinctive and individual character, prioritising Servant Leadership within the community. Our focus on Servant Leadership includes the provision of peer-led pastoral care, teamwork opportunities, leadership and management training, outdoor education and, of course, fun - in a structured setting that develops a strong sense of belonging to the Schools and the Unit.

Unit Structure, activities and development continuum

All Year 9 Shore students join the programme in either Alpha, Bravo, Charlie or Delta Company during Term 2, participating in a continuum of learning experiences that sequentially build upon their developing skills. Senior cadets in leadership positions are required to exercise critical and creative thinking skills as they work collaboratively to plan and implement complex activities during our weekly routine training parades and in the field during our major exercises – Bivouac (BIV) in Term 3 and Annual Field Exercises (AFX) in Term 4. Both of these field activities are conducted on Defence Training Areas at Singleton and Marrangaroo. The cadet training year concludes following the Annual Ceremonial Parade in Term 1 the following year.

Following their recruit year, cadets have a choice to continue their training into Years 10 and 11/12. Cadets may nominate to attend the Annual Leadership and Promotions Courses (APC), held at the end of Term 1 at Lone Pine Barracks, Singleton, which seeks to equip cadets with the skills required to lead the Unit. APC provides specific leadership training that will also be beneficial for a student’s future life beyond school. Other streams for the continuation of training beyond a cadet’s first year include ongoing participation through either Support Company or in a field-based advanced cadet skills company; Echo Company.

Support Company provides the logistic and operational elements required for Unit activities. This path may be appropriate for cadets interested in developing specialist trade skills within one of the many specialty areas, including Catering, Media, Medics, Signals, Surveillance, Q-Store/Logistics & Operations, Recruit Specialists or Pioneers.

For cadets choosing to continue their field-based journey and further develop their key cadet competencies into a second and third year; an advanced stream of cadet training - building upon the skills and camaraderie experienced in their recruit year - is available through Echo Company. Echo Company is the Unit’s advanced cadet skills company, training senior cadets at a more advanced level to operate as high-performing teams. Cadets experience advanced skills and techniques in navigation, reconnaissance, leadership, camouflage and concealment alongside strategic problem-solving experiences.

Within Echo Company is the Independent-Recon Platoon, which operates as a specialist high-level reconnaissance platoon within Echo Company. Independent-Recon Platoon focuses on developing higher-level military skills and professionalism within each of the three Recon sections (Recon 1, Recon 2, Recon 3). Entry into the Independent-Recon Platoon is available to cadets who have completed the entry-level assessments commensurate with the skills required to operate within this high-level platoon.

Annual Ceremonial Parade and Year 12 Dining-In Night

The culminating activity of the cadet training year takes place in Term 1 each year, with the Annual Ceremonial Parade and Year 12 Dining-In Night, celebrating the service and leadership displayed by the cadets, especially the Year 12 cadets graduating from the Unit following the completion of their three years service. This event marks the end of the year, at which point new leadership teams are formed, and new recruits are welcomed from the following term.

Through our Cadet Unit programme, students begin a journey of character development whilst learning how to lead through serving others. The video below is commended to you as an insight into this key offering within our School communities.