The Yalari Programme - A Partnership With Shore

Yalari is a word from the Birri Gubba Indigenous language group meaning ‘child’. Yalari was founded by Indigenous educationalist Waverley Stanley and his wife Llew Mullins in 2005. 

Waverley grew up in the town of Murgon, 300km north-west of Brisbane and he attended Murgon State School. His grade 7 teacher, Mrs Rosemary Bishop recognised his potential and was instrumental in helping him gain a scholarship to attend Toowoomba Grammar School for his high school education. Waverley acknowledges the great benefits and potential that education can bring students. As a result of the opportunities he received, Waverley and his wife Llew founded Yalari in 2005 and established the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship programme.

This programme identifies students who are doing well in primary school and gives them the opportunity to be educated in a particular boarding school throughout Australia. There are currently 28 schools across Australia that are linked to Yalari and about 175 students on Yalari scholarships.

Indigenous Partnership  Indigenous Partnership  Indigenous Partnership 

The agreement between Yalari and Shore is designed to assist the Indigenous students to achieve their goals and the aims of the scholarship. Both Shore and Yalari are committed to the education, motivation and support of the students involved. In 2015 Shore and Yalari began this formal link which has continued through to the present year. This scholarship program seeks to enrol two Scholarship students per year and the scholarship is for a six year period.

The Yalari Scholarship aims to foster long term educational and cultural partnerships between Shore, Indigenous communities and the students and their families. Financial assistance from Yalari and Shore enables this to occur.