Academic Endeavours

Shore is resolved that boarders will have the same opportunity to participate in every aspect of the life of the School but also, and as significantly, the boarders will have the same chance of reaching their first choice of tertiary educational goals as their dayboy counterparts. The School is generous in resourcing academic tutors and support for its boarders. The School’s experience is that there are many boys from abroad or rural NSW who clearly benefit from this programme from the moment they enter Shore. By the time the boys sit the Higher School Certificate the goal is that the boarders will perform as well as or better than the day boys.

Academic tutoring is available for all Shore boarders Monday through to Thursday evenings at no cost to the students. This provides the students with one-on-one and group time with Shore teachers and skilled old boys of the school to assist them in their studies. This tutoring involves not only specific subject assistance but also assistance in student organisation, enhancement of note taking, and weekly planning of the students’ time.

Based on the measure of the number of students gaining Band 6 results in each subject Shore ranked the top non-selective boys school in the state of NSW, having ranked first in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. In 2020, 45% of our boarders gained an ATAR of 88+. This demonstrates that the academic results of the Shore boarding community are very strong.

And yet the school also caters for boys with ESL and Academic Support needs. Year 7 students are screened academically before they enter Shore with the Year 7 boarders who are in need of Academic Support immediately placed in programmes to primarily develop literacy and numeracy. It is a mark of the school that we aim to assist all the students in our care to develop and reach their maximum academic output regardless of their entry ability.

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