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Educating young people and helping them develop for the future is a wonderful responsibility and privilege.

Shore has been committed to the education and nurture of generations of curious minds since the School began in 1889.

Our priority is, and has always been, delivering the utmost excellence in teaching and learning, and the character development of the students in our care.

At Shore, we provide exceptionally well-qualified staff, world-class facilities and a wide range of sporting and co-curricular activities.

We want our students to be inclusive, invitational, relevant and thoughtful and to achieve their goals both here at Shore, and in life beyond the School gates. We invite them to examine Christian faith as they determine their own world views and life trajectory. Our focus is on developing their minds and hearts, helping them become successful young adults and responsible citizens.

Shore honours and respects its traditions and its past, whilst also evolving to focus on the future, as one of Australia’s leading comprehensive schools.

Welcome to Shore.

Dr John Collier

For Dr Collier’s biographical information please follow the link to The Headmaster page.